Mom Dies During Childbirth, Then Her Husband Says His Final Goodbye And She Revives

Doug and Melanie Pritchard were expecting a baby. Just like all parents, they were both excited and nervous!

When Melanie went into labor, she started having convulsions. Melanie died a short time later from amniotic fluid embolism.

Shortly after Melaine was declared clinically dead, her daughter was born.

Doug was devastated – he and Melanie had only been married for three years. Doctors were able to revive her, but her condition was very unstable.

Melanie was rushed to surgery after doctors discovered internal bleeding.

Twenty-four hours after she had been declared dead, Melanie woke up and met her daughter for the first time!

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The doctors thought Melanie would need a heart and lung transplant. Just one week later, Melanie and her daughter both went home.

She doesn’t suffer from any lasting complications!

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