January 14, 2022 | 7:33am

The fan Kanye West allegedly punched had asked for his autograph on two separate occasions, Page Six has learned.

We’re told the alleged victim, who remains unidentified, first asked for the Yeezy designer’s autograph outside of Craig’s in LA on Monday night, where West, girlfriend Julia Fox, Antonio Brown and others were dining to celebrate his Gap commercial.

Come Wednesday, the man appeared outside of Delilah where Page Six reported that the “Flashing Lights” rapper, the “Uncut Gems” star and a wide variety of other celebrities, including Madonna and Evan Ross, had been dining.

West, 44, ended up leaving Delilah without Fox, but it’s unclear where he immediately went. Hours later, he ended up leaving exclusive club Soho Warehouse where he allegedly punched the purported victim.

LAPD confirmed to Page Six Thursday that West is under investigation for alleged criminal battery.

Kanye West allegedly punched a fan who asked for his autograph more than once on separate occasions.

Video of the alleged incident shows the artist shouting at a female member of his team as the unidentified fan lies on the ground. The unknown man is seen in the clip dressed in a pair of jeans and a black hoodie, and, though seemingly still conscious, does not get up from the ground.

Meanwhile, West is heard yelling at the female staffer, “Get away from me,” as she tries to calm him down and says, “Give me your hand.”

Video showed the alleged victim lying on the ground, though he was conscious.

“No, get away from me!” he responds. “Ain’t no hands, ain’t no hands.”

The unidentified woman then responds, “I am your family. Give me your hand.”

The Yeezy designer could be seen yelling at a female staffer who wanted to help him.

West then tells her, “You were supposed to talk to her!” It is unclear from the footage to whom the “her” is referring.

Reps for West haven’t commented.