Man Takes Walk By Field, Stunned At What He Saw Hidden In The Grass

A man from Chicago, Illinois was walking by a field when he suddenly noticed something unusual sticking out from the grass. As anyone would do, he decided to take a closer look and was absolutely stunned when he realized what it was and how sick some people can be.

James Turner was walking by a field in the suburbs of Chicago Heights as he has done many times before when something unusual caught his eye. He decided to take it upon himself to investigate further and was absolutely stunned when he realized what he had found – an abandoned newborn baby.

Turner immediately called the police and reported that he had discovered an “unattended newborn lying in the grass in an open field,” according to Daily Mail, near a popular shortcut path in the area. The naked baby was only hours old with her umbilical chord still attached.

Police and emergency personnel arrived on the scene, immediately rushing to attend to the infant. They promptly transported her to St. James Hospital where she has been examined and determined to be in good condition, considering her circumstances. The police have since announced that the infant was a black female, who they are calling Baby Jane Doe.

Chicago Heights Police Chief Thomas Rogers has announced that detectives are investigating the incident and searching for the baby’s mother or family. Rogers believes the mother had hidden the pregnancy and was scared to tell any loved ones about it.

“There’s a safe-haven law and a lot of new mothers don’t know about this,” Rogers said, according to WGNTV. Under the law, newborns can be dropped off at a police station, fire station, or hospital with no questions asked.

It’s important that women know, if they are facing an unwanted pregnancy, that it’s unacceptable to place their helpless child in a dangerous situation. Children are a blessing from God, and if they can’t be provided with the love and care they need, the mother still needs to ensure that they go someplace where they can get a chance at the life they deserve.

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