Lunchlady Was Confused As To Why Boy Was Wearing A Tuxedo, Suddenly He Touches Her Shoulder & This Happens…

A lunch lady at Bishop Manogue Catholic High School in Reno, Nevada was overwhelmed and surprised when she went to school on day.

Emotions filled her body when she learned students surprised her via the “Dude. Be Nice” project. The “Dude. Be Nice” project came to the high school and inspired a group of students to do something kind for another person and they chose “Lunch Lady Lynn” to be on the receiving end of their kindness.

Lynn, who is well loved by the students, had no idea that they had been plotting to surprise her with her favorite meal and a Southwest gift card so she could fly home and see her ailing mother.

“She doesn’t even know how much we care about her so it’s important we let her know,” another student said.

The students lined up in the hallway near the cash register that Lynn was working at, and they got ready to present their favorite lunch lady with gifts. All of the students were wearing the Dude.Be Nice shirts while carrying roses, except one boy who was dressed in a tux and was responsible for getting Lynn to stop working and sit down with them for a moment.

“On behalf of the Bishop Monogue students, we want to thank you for everything you’ve done for our school and for making us smile every day,” the boy in the tux said to her as the rest of the students started singing “Be Our Guest” while they brought her to a table and donned it with a white cloth.

Each one of the students presented her with a rose in the vases that were set up on the table and then she was served a large platter of BBQ food, which is her favorite, since she grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. By this point, Lynn was in tears and had a nonstop grin on her face. The students then started chanting “we love Lynn,” as they gathered around her. The leader of the Dude. Be Nice project presented Lynn with the Southwest gift card.

Lynn was clearly floored and shared a smile that was infectious. All the students joined her for the meal and shared kind words about the lunch lady that they love.

“Nice to see good people being acknowledged. Pay it forward & spread the love!!!”

“Words can’t describe how much feelings she had felt at that moment. This is a great way to spread positivity and joy into one’s life for it is they who gave you a positive and possibly a better day when you were down.”

“If anyone ever was in the slightest doubt about the potential for our youth to spread love and arrest the onslaught of the pervasive cancerous thing called hate in all societies, this video should allay those doubts. Our world desperately needs this positive reinforcement. Thank you so much Dudebenice.”

The Dude. Be Nice project features a different high school for each of their schemes and they teach students about the importance of kindness.

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