Grandma Totally Unaware She’s On Footage But She’s Caught In The Act Anyway

In life, there are things and and situations that you just have see to believe. For one group of people, the second they spotted this grandma outside of the, they understood it was important to capture this footage immediately.

After all, the woman was acting quite “strangely” in the parking lot – and her actions were definitely something you don’t witness every day!

It all started when the elderly woman was spotted in the Waffle House parking lot, standing near a couple of parked vehicles. From what it seemed, she had no idea customers were watching her from just a few dozen feet away.

That’s when granny decided to do what was only natural…and put on a little dance party (as you do)! Dressed in a turquoise sweater, she begins with a little hip swaying as she gets comfortable with her surroundings. But once she’s feeling a little more “loose” – that’s when she really pulls out the big moves. All we can say is that Chubby Checker has nothing on this vivacious grandma!

It’s safe to say that these customers weren’t expecting to get a free show with their meal that day. From their reactions, it’s no surprise that they decided to share it with the world! Watch the video below to see the hip granny for yourself. It’s sure to make you smile and perhaps do the same…dance like nobody’s watching!

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