Luke Bryan Notices Holes in Singer’s Shoes, Removes Own Boots, and Makes Sweet Offer

Aspiring singer Colby Swift from Texas had a remarkable experience recently on “American Idol” that had nothing to do with fame or fortune and everything to do with the kindness and generosity of a fellow singer.

The 19-year old Colby, despite having never taken professional voice lessons or having performed in public before, sang such a beautiful rendition of Freddy Fender’s “Every Teardrop Falls” that he immediately had both the audience as well as the judges on his side.

His amazing performance was a real victory for the young wanna-be who had never even traveled beyond the borders of his home state before now.

Country superstar Luke Bryan was serving as a judge of Colby’s performance and immediately felt a connection to the up and coming performer.

Colby reminded Bryan of his own self at the tender age of 19, trying to make his way up the country music ladder.

Luke Bryan then instructed Colby to do something strange, asking him to show the soles of the boots he was wearing.

Bryan could immediately see how worn out they were, with holes that exposed the young singer’s feet. Then Bryan asked for Colby’s shoe size.

What the established country singing star did next stunned everyone, and solidified Bryan’s reputation for being a really nice guy.

He gave the contestant the boots off his own feet!

Many audience members were in tears at this random act of kindness.

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