Heartbroken Veteran And Wife Sleep In Freezing Cold Because Children Won’t Allow Them Home

Navy veteran Eddie Browning and his wife, Cindy Browning fell on hard times, their home, a camper, was in shambles and they didn’t have enough money to make any repairs.

It was the middle of winter, and the couple was basically exposed to the chilly winter temperatures.

Then the students from Elm Street Elementary in Rome, Georgia stepped in and built a tiny house for them!

The students did run into some roadblocks with their project.

But the organizers from Georgia Tiny House Festival at Ooh La La Lavender Farms teamed up with the kids to get the house done!

The original design the students had planned for was going to be four feet by eight feet, but there would be no plumbing or electricity.

Take a look at this video

The word about this wonderful project spread and soon donors, sponsors, and volunteers pitched in to make the house a little bigger and filled with amenities!

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