Family Builds Casket For Contractor Brother At Home Depot For Free After His Death

DIY takes on a whole different meaning in this story. Scott Neilson was diagnosed with a brain tumor a year before he died.

Scott, a father of three, had no life insurance. His final expenses were going to be a huge financial strain on his family.

To offset some of the expense, his siblings hatched a plan. Scott came from a family of skilled carpenters.

To honor their brother and save money, his family went to a Home Depot in Vancouver, Washington and made Scott a casket.

In the back of the store. Home Depot gave the family the space they needed in the store and even donated all the supplies they needed to make the casket.

Watch the video to see how beautiful the casket was.

Take a look at this video

Some of the employees had known Scott and even helped with the construction.  Rest in Peace, Scott.

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