What is the portal in the forest? This photo has become a world event in a day!

Sometimes the Internet throws us amazing stories, mysterious photos, over which literally the whole world begins to puzzle. But also the World Wide Web is an ideal place for all kinds of hoaxes. Recently, a very mysterious photo appeared on the Internet, which immediately went viral. In October, a Twitter user posted an image of the forest. But it was very strange! The photo clearly shows an ordinary coniferous forest, which is cut through with a perfectly round hole. The hole looks both frightening and intriguing. 

Users began to wonder what kind of fantastic phenomenon is displayed in the photo. Some believed that this was a portal to another world, others were sure that the mystical hole was the result of the activities of the military. The publication has become popular literally all over the world, each country has its own solutions to the mystery of the mystical hole. So, in Japan, a mysterious hole was associated with Totoro, a mythical hero who is the guardian of the forest. In just a day, the strange photo has gained more than 10 million views! More than 2,000 users retweeted the post, the image received thousands of likes! Everyone wanted to understand what kind of amazing portal it is right in the forest! Who made it? Aliens, the military, nature itself? 

And the answer to this question was found! As it often happens, reality turned out to be more prosaic than our fantastic guesses. The author of the mysterious object turned out to be the Finnish artist Antti Laitinena. It was he who first published an unusual image of a hole in the forest. That’s just the photo has a very simple explanation. This is not the work of aliens, military or natural forces. It turned out that the photo shows… installation by the author himself. Antti is a contemporary artist who likes to work with natural objects. To create a magical hole in the forest, which is so similar to a portal to another world, Finn used simple tools at hand: an ordinary pruner and a simple stick. 

The artist spent a week creating a unique art object, which then captured the minds of users around the world. As a result, he got a very unusual hole in the forest with a diameter of about 4.5 meters. The art object was created in 2018 in the Estonian town of Otepaja. The author wanted to get an unusual window that allows you to look into the dense forest, into which daylight so rarely penetrates. The photo of the art object became popular after 3 years. This happened after an original image of a man-made hole made by a Finnish artist was posted on social networks. That’s just the photo was not provided with a description of the object. Of course, without context, it was difficult to understand what is depicted in the publication. Therefore, a huge number of versions of what is happening in this strange place have appeared on the web. 

Antti Laitinen was amazed at the attention his old art object attracted. After it became known to the public who is the author of the original work of art, the site with Finn’s works just froze. Every day, the resource is visited by thousands of users from all over the world, they also subscribe to the artist’s Instagram page. Antti considers such popularity a lucky coincidence. If the photo with his installation had been signed, it would not have caused such a storm of emotions in people. Finn is glad that the publication has attracted attention to his work, which has now been introduced to a huge number of users around the world. Interestingly, the photo made the place where the art object was created popular. 

A lot of people wanted to see the unusual portal live. That’s just waiting for them a strong disappointment. Since the installation was done 3 years ago, the unusual window is already almost completely overgrown with branches. After all, the creation of art objects from natural materials has its own specifics. Unlike art paintings or sculptures, such installations quickly disappear. The Internet makes various mysterious photos popular, because people all over the world love secrets so much. However, the clues often disappoint those who have a weakness for unexplained mystical phenomena. That’s all friends! Share, write comments and put likes. See you soon!

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