Supermarket Employee Brushes By Customer. Looks Twice When She Suspects Who This Is

The job of a parent can be one of the most challenging jobs out here. Once you raise your child, they grow to be independent and venture off on their own. A parent knows they did a good job when their child grows to be an adult of their own.

For example, Tina is a mom of four who truly realizes this sort of struggle. She had done everything she possibly can in order to keep her family together.

She works night shifts at the grocery store when she must and does everything possible to make her children happy.

But after her daughter Donna left Australia and moved to the United States, Tina has been distraught. She’s missed her daughter severely and wants to see her again. It had been a year since Tina saw her beloved Donna. And you can imagine her untold suffering.

Luckily, Tina had a band of angels looking over her. The people at radio station KIIS 1065 wanted Tina to have a beautiful Mother’s Day. So the Sydney talk-show hosts of Kyle & Jackie O decided to put Tina on blast during their “Surprise Giveback” segment. Can you guess what they did?

It all started when Donna, Tina’s beloved daughter who now lives in the United States, called the Sydney show and told them about her mother’s suffering. And they came up with the “surprise” that was going to knock Tina’s socks off – and ultimately bring her to tears.

It happened like this. Tina went to work as normal at her boring grocery store job. She expected everything to be typical. But KIIS had secretly flown Donna from the United States to Australia for the Mother’s Day surprise of a lifetime.

Little did Tina know, but Donna was in the grocery store where her mom works.

The radio hosts sent Donna into the cereal aisle. And then they waited for the precious moments to pass so their surprise would work.
Suddenly, an announcement was made that Tina needed to report to a certain aisle. The cereal aisle.

But as Tina approaches the customer in need, she realizes that it is not a “normal” customer. It is her daughter. Tina is in shock when Donna turns around.

When Tina realizes that the customer is the daughter she hasn’t seen in a year, she breaks down in joyful sobbing. And everyone watching also shares in the joy.

With Mother’s Day coming up again, it is time for children to show their mother’s how much they care. Moms do so much for their children and their families. They are often the hardest working people there are. And far too often mom does not get the credit she deserves for all the beautiful and heartfelt stuff she does for the people she loves.

So what is the best Mother’s Day present a daughter can give her mother? It’s her time and attention. When a daughter spends time with her mom on Mother’s Day, it shows her how much she cares and loves her.

What do you think about the wonderful Mother’s Day surprise in the video?

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