Mom Hears Weird Noise In Baby’s Room, Had No Clue What She’d Walk In To

In Indiana, a mother was home alone with her baby, who she had just put down for a nap. After she went to her own room, she heard a strange sound come from the nursery. With no clue what she was about to discover, the mother stepped out in the hallway, and that’s when it hit her.

On an otherwise average afternoon, the mother, who was not named, was hoping to use her baby’s nap time to get some chores done around the house. After putting the baby down, she slowly crept out, hoping to not wake the child as she quietly shut the door. Throughout the entire routine, she didn’t realize what was waiting right outside the nursery room window, within their peaceful Indianapolis suburb.

According to Fox59, the woman was in her bedroom when she heard a crashing sound from across the hall. An intruder had made his way into her home through her child’s room, sending the protective parent into full mama bear mode. At the time, she didn’t know just how bad the situation was, until after she found what the stranger had in his pockets.

The intruder failed to see the warning sign at the entrance of the family’s home, since he came in abruptly through the opposite side. The mother grabbed her pistol that she kept in the bedroom, and she walked out into the hallway. Her father later said that his daughter barely made it out through her bedroom door, when the criminal shot at her and missed.

He might have been a bad aim, but the mother was not. She immediately fought back after his failed attempt, taking him to the ground with several rounds of fire from her handgun. Later, she saw what else he had on him after cops conducted a body search.

Police arrived to the scene while the guy was still alive, despite having been shot several times. He was transported to the emergency room to address his wounds, but not without first finding that he came prepared for a full-fledged hostage situation. Indianapolis Metro Police Department Commander Mike Spears said that officers discovered zip ties and walkie-talkies on the suspect.

The intruder found out the hard way that he picked the wrong house, which the homeowners had put out a display for people like him to stay away. At the entrance of their home was a metal sign that says, “We don’t call 911,” with the shape of a pistol hanging from it.

Bravo to this brave mother who did exactly what she should have done to protect her baby, who was completely unharmed in the incident because of it. This criminal should have listened to the warning on the sign above her door, instead of taking a bullet. It’s a simple fact that armed victims who fight back live longer, and it’s faster than dialing 911 and waiting minutes for help to arrive when every second counts.

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