Man Gives His Girlfriend A Necklace 15 Years Later, She Breaks Down When She Realizes What’s Inside

Any healthy relationship must be based on respect, appreciation, and openness. If such basic elements disappeared, then the relation must be judged as a failing and temporary one. Some people claim that specific details can cause problems and even separate operations if it’s demonstrated by any side. However, if the reality is ugly, then the hidden secrets are fatal.

To be obscure person is to be deceiving. If every one of us tells his or her lover what’s going on with him or her life will be easier and relationships will be stronger and more long lasting. Lying must be discovered by the end. Liars do not win. They always lose the dearest person. Once upon a time there was a.

Young man named James. James came from a wealthy family. His mother died when he was young, so he lived with his father only James has no siblings. James was unsociable. His father was strict and conservative. James fell in love with a flower seller named Jane. Jane sold flowers every day in front of the company where James worked as an accountant.

At first James sympathized with Jane as she was poor and she remained in stress all day selling flowers in order to make money for her sick sister. Day after day James felt a kind of attached to poor Jane. This was the first time for James to experience such feelings towards any girl. Though James was handsome and prestigious young man whom all the girls around admired, James did care about none of them.

This was because James was straightforward and direct. Unlike men at his age, James was not trivial. He’s not charmed by any beautiful lady. James believed in true love only he did not like accompanying girls here and there. James devoted most of his time working and studying. He had no time for useless whims. James asked himself how his heart beat for this poor girl in such a notable way.

James decided to forget about his admiration for the girl. He thought that it must just be temporary emotions. However, in each time he saw Jane carrying the flowers, his fondness of her was highly increasing. Thus, James decided to talk with the girl. In this time not only buys flowers from her, as usual, James asked Jane to meet him.

Jane was surprised for James request. Jane was terrified for a while. Jane was a poor and simple girl after all. James observed Jane’s worry. He told her not to be afraid of him. Jane sensed that James was kind and that he would not harm her. Jane accepted to sit with him in a cafe as James wanted. James started his conversation asking the girl about what her life looked like. Jane narrated the James her life story. She told him that her parents died, leaving her sick sister for her to be responsible of her. She added that after her parents died, she had to leave the University in order to search for a work to.

Gain money for living. Similarly, James described to Jane how his life was and how he was living alone after his mother died. James added that his father used to treat him roughly throughout his life. He mentioned that he wished his mother. Would not die after both of them. Informed about the others live shape. Jane asks James about the reason why he brought her here in this place. James declared that he admired her very much. Jane was astonished.

She stated, how did you fall in. Love with a poor girl like me? There are too many social disparities between us. Go sir, and search for a rich lady like you. I’m not suitable for you. You will end empty handed if you love me. Your family will never accept me. They may cut any relation with you if you reject their opinions. I do not want to cause you.

Any problems to you, sir. James replied, from now on, you are my everything. You make me feel a strange mix of amazing feelings. You are the true love I’ve been searching for since a long time. There is no girl on Earth who managed to let my heart out of its place. But you. Your combating character is amazing and attractive. Your beauty is different.

It’s mixed with innocence and simplicity. Your soul is pure. Like young babies, you are different. You are unique. I love you Jane. I’m not worried about any possible consequences resulted from my love for you. My love for you strengthened me that I’m ready to shout loudly to the whole world declaring that I love you. Trust me, Jane. Jane’s birthday came. James gave Jane a special gift, an amazing necklace. Jane was very happy with James gift. James decided to marry Jane. James told his father about his intention for marriage. His father refused. He didn’t want James to marry such a poor girl.

He added that Jane must be interested. In James’s wealth and that she planned to Rob him sooner. James defended Jane. Unfortunately, Jane died in a car crash while she was selling her flowers. James suffered very much after Jane died. He kept himself into his room not talking to anyone. James put Jane’s picture in the necklace he gave her before in order to not be lost.

James took a long time to be able to gather his energy for work again. Yet sadness was so clear on his face. At that time. James new Secretary was in love with him. Her name was Isabella. Isabella was beautiful and spontaneous. Isabella loved James truly. She revealed her love to him. James tried to express to her that he did not want to establish any love story. At that time, however, Isabella did not give up. She kept motivating him to forget about any pleasant experiences.

James started opening his heart for Isabella. James felt that Isabella’s character was similar to late James in many ways. James decided to start a new relation with Isabella who cared about him in an intensive way. In fact, Isabella was smart, true lover. She made James like her through giving him words of praise and encouragement.

For example, she said to James, wisely, Life comes slowly, James, and so we must enjoy every second of it. I agree with you that if life is full of difficulties and hardships, we should work not to be weak and fragile. Instead, we must be stronger by having strong belief in God’s mercy. Both of us are still young. Let’s give ourselves an opportunity to continue our life happier. Let’s be one hand to fight any surrounding negative energy. Together we can do the impossible.

I promise you to help you to the very end of your course of life. Isabella asked James if the sorrow in his eyes was because of previous love experience. James denied James did not want to reveal to Isabella about his love for the late James. He preferred to make it a kind of secret. Isabella and James got married at their first anniversary. James liked to give Isabella the necklace he previously gave to Jane for her birthday. James forgot to take Jane’s picture out of the necklace.

But Isabella did not think at any. Time to open the necklace hole. Isabella thanked James for his expensive and valuable present. Actually, James was hesitant to grant Isabella this necklace. But he decided to give it to her at the end. As he started trusting and admiring her, James father died. The man put his son in heavy debts. Due to his constant borrowing. James was involved in serious financial problems.

James expressed to Isabella how much he hated his father. More and more after he died, James mentioned, I’m ashamed of my father. He died to leave me go here and they’re asking for money like street beggars. I would never forgive him. Frankly, it did not happen to me, even for one time to say how much I was proud of my father. Most people around us thought that because.

We are rich, then we must have been living in a complete peace of mind. They did not know that our continuous quarrels. I gave up Isabella. I wish I would die. I have no money now to meet the remaining debts. This unfair life must be deserted. I must die sooner or later. Isabella decided to help James. She went to sell the expensive necklace James gave her long years ago. On their first anniversary. By chance, Isabella discovered the hole engraved in the necklace. On seeing James picture in the hole, Isabella was stunned.

She confronted James. James had to tell her about her story with Jane. Isabella seemed angry. Isabella said in high nervousness, you cheated on me, James. You lied to me. I regret being your wife. You did not tell me anything about your previous experience. Then you came to me, granting me the picture of your first lover. I can’t believe it. Is this James who’s always been Frank with me. It becomes impossible for me to look even in your eyes I feel completely disgusting. I had always been open with you while you were pretending to love me as your heart is with another woman.

Go away James and forgive me forever. James tried to defend himself but Isabella did not accept any excuses. After some days, Isabella was informed that James was about to enter the prison as he was indulged in heavy debts. Isabella went to James and she gave.

Her the money she received. When she sold the necklace, James asked Isabella to forgive him. He said to her that he did not want to bother her by narrating useless stories to her. Isabella stated by the end then James I can forgive you by now but I can trust you no more. Lovers should always be Frank with each other. Husbands and wives must not live in complete obscurity like strangers. You.

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