Fishermen Noticed This Strange Turtle Floating In The Ocean. Then They Saw He Needed Help Immediately!

This planet is filled with so much wonderful forms of life. There is life in almost every crevice and part of planet earth. But as humans begin encroaching on other native species environments, it has been pretty devastating to animals, plants and any other type of life on Earth.

From people littering, chemical dumping, air/water pollution all have led to many plants and animals becoming endangered and in some cases even extinct!

Today’s story takes place in Tasmania when a bunch of fishermen spotted a strange looking turtle floating on the water. Not only were they concerned with the behavior they saw which was completely atypical for turtles, but this creature was way out of his normal environment and was most likely in way over his heads.

Many native animals are seen by people who live on the coast of Tasmania and for fisherman who are out on the water everyday. Some animals that are seen pretty often are Dolphins, Sea Birds, Whales and lots of others. However this turtle was a Loggerhead Turtle a species that is not native to the area

The fishermen decided to take matters into their own hands. They casted nets to try and pick the turtle up and attempt to rescue the poor thing. When they scooped the turtle out onto their boat, they began to examine the organism to try and figure out what was wrong.

The first thing that popped out, was massive amounts of barnacles which means that he mostly likely hasn’t been active for a very long time.  He was lethargic, week and was in close-to-death condition. They weren’t exactly sure what to do so they called the Marine Conservation Program.

The Marine Conservation keeps tabs on all the native animals and plants on the region to make sure the ecosystem is thriving and in staying in symbiotic harmony between all the life forms.

A lot of times, their main job is to get called by native citizens who see an animal that is in really bad shape and they come out, determine the issue and then take care of it. The Marine Conservation sent over some people to help bring this beautiful turtle back into good health……

Watch the video below to see what finally happened to this Logger Head Turtle:

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