Father Makes Shocking Find In Disabled Daughter’s Trick Or Treat Bag

A California father took his disabled little girl, who’s unable to talk and is confined to a wheelchair, out trick or treating on Halloween in their “rough” neighborhood.

The night was pretty much uneventful until a strange man came up to them and muttered something about the little girl’s wheelchair, then did something when the father wasn’t looking. It wasn’t until they got back home that the dad figured out what had happened, and he was left in utter shock at the discovery.

Antioch resident Timothy Joe Winn took his 6-year-old daughter Alyssa, who suffers from cerebral palsy and a degenerative brain disease that’s left her confined to a wheelchair, trick or treating around his neighborhood, when the unexpected happened, according to CBS San Francisco. As the two made their way through the community, a man, who had been passing out candy to the kids, approached Timothy and Alyssa, and he mentioned something about her wheelchair.

Winn watched as the man dropped something into her candy bag, then said “for the wheelchair maintenance,” leaving Timothy caught off guard. At that point, the man walked away and Timothy took his daughter back to their home and started inspecting her Halloween haul, and that’s when he made an incredible discovery.

Apparently, the man had dropped a $100 bill into little Alyssa’s candy bag, and he wanted Timothy to use it to help his little girl. As you can imagine, learning of the stranger’s incredibly kind gesture left Timothy taken aback.

“It’s just over the top,” he said. “We live in a pretty rough neighborhood, and you usually don’t hear about random acts of kindness like this.” Others agreed as well. On a Facebook post about the act of kindness, others remarked about how kind it was for the man to randomly help out Timothy and his family.

“God bless this man! God will always provide a way for this man to keep giving!” said Adi Garibay.
“Wonderful way to help ease someone’s burden. Love this story!” echoed Rose Bud.
Patty Gomez commented, “Angels among us, thank you Jesus.”

Having to pay for the cost of care for his little girl can’t be an easy thing for Timothy and his family, so every little bit of help is more than likely a blessing for them. God Bless the man for going out of his way to help a complete stranger, and in doing so, giving us a great example of how to “pay it forward” to others.

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