‘Broke’ Model Imprisoned For Taking $100,000 in Public Assistance While Living the High Life

Numerous people receive welfare benefits in order to support their families.

There are often certain regulations that they have to abide by in order to continue receiving the benefits each month as well as qualifications that they have to meet in order to receive them as well.

The amount of welfare benefits and the type of help received is often based on several factors including income and the number of people in the home.

Carina Reid is a 32-year-old who seemed as though she was having a little bad luck like many of the people who receive welfare.

At times, she would need to go to various places in her community just to get a hot meal.

Since she didn’t have a job and had no money coming in, she relied on the assistance given to her by the government.

She completed an application for housing and was approved for $65,000 in benefits.

When people began viewing Carina’s social media posts, they realized that she had everyone fooled.

Even though she claimed that she had no job and no money, her pictures showed that she was living a completely different life that was filled with extravagant belongings.

She didn’t use the thousands of dollars that she received in welfare benefits for a house. Instead, she used the money for vacations and to go shopping.

She also went to expensive restaurants to enjoy meals that many people who receive welfare are unable to afford.

Carina knew that she was misleading the government, so she got a job styling hair. Her social media pages also indicated that she has worked in modeling.

When she met with her local government office to ask for the benefits, she informed them that she didn’t have any money saved and that she never went anywhere.

Since the money that she received from her jobs didn’t pay enough, she accepted all of the free food and other things that she could get in order to survive.

Looking at her social media pages, people saw that she has worked with numerous celebrities and singers and that she has a business that is based in London, something that she failed to mention when she applied for benefits.

Carina was able to get away with her act for about five years before the government started investigating.

When they dug deeper into Carina’s story, they discovered that she was hiding millions of dollars, resulting in some hefty fines and losing her benefits.

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