American Airlines Flagship Business Class vs. United Polaris Business Class [2023]

One way to fly in comfort is to grab a seat in a premium business class cabin. Two of the best domestic and international business class cabins today are from American Airlines and United Airlines.

American Airlines not only boasts a global fleet, but they also have the largest one in the world! It’s no surprise their Flagship business class delivers all the bells and whistles (and a bit more) to offer an indulgent stay. On the other hand, United Polaris has also been scoring high marks for its stylish cabins and fantastic hard product.

But, one edges out the other when it comes to overall performance. Want to know which one? Find out in this American Airlines Flagship Business Class vs. United Polaris Business Class comparison.

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Quick Glance: American Airlines Flagship Business Class vs United Polaris Business Class

American Airlines Flagship Business Class United Polaris Business Class
Ground Experience On the ground, American Airlines Flagship Business guests are entitled to priority check-in as well as boarding. There’s access to the famed Flagship Lounge, available in select airports, or Admirals Club lounges found across the globe. Pre-flight check-in clearance and boarding are provided to United Polaris guests. There’s also access to the famed Polaris Lounge where you’ll find liberal food and drinks as well as excellent amenities to make sure your ground experience is comfortable. 


Seat There are 52 American Airlines Flagship business seats aboard the 777-300er. Arranged in a 1-2-1 layout, all have aisle access and carry a 45-inch pitch and 21.5-inch width. For the 777-200, it has 37 forward seats, each with a 60-62 inch pitch and 21-inch width. On the 787-9 are 30 seats. However, if you take the 787-8, these only have 20 Flagship business seats but carry the same 60-62 inch pitch. 


United Polaris seats are readily available but it can be confusing since United also offers a regular business class. The more premium United Polaris is found in transatlantic flights and includes large cabins, lie-flat seats, and aisle access. These seats are inside the 787-9 Dreamliners777-300ER787-10 Dreamliners767-300ER, and 777-200ER. All feature a 1-2-1 layout with a 24-inch width and 75 to 76-inch length. However, aboard the 767, the cabin configuration is more private at a 1-1-1 layout.
Amenities American Airlines has partnered with Shinola to create its amenity kit. Inside these slim pouches are earplugs, a toothbrush with a toothpaste kit, hand lotion, a pen, socks, and an eye mask. AA provides Casper with pillows and a duvet on the seat as well. United Polaris guests receive a stylish hard shell case from Away. Inside these kits are Sunday Riley skincare items, a pen, socks, earplugs, and a dental kit. United also gives out Saks Avenue-designed blankets and pillows on long-haul flights. These are ultra comfy, earning rave reviews from guests repeatedly. If you’re flying more than 12 hours, you might also get a pajama set and a chance to ask for a duvet mattress to serve as extra padding for the seat.
Food and Beverage Passengers on AA’s Flagship Business class can preorder meals and drinks at least 30 days to 24 hours before their flight. For in-flight meal service, it’s a bit confusing. Some routes will provide menus while other routes will have attendants telling guests what’s available and having them choose. Meals are provided soon after takeoff and served in carts. Breakfast is served at least an hour from the landing. Pre-flight champagne is provided alongside warm nuts. Dinner service begins at least 40-50 minutes after take-off. The mains are served with a side salad in one tray. Their signature ice cream sundae is available as dessert too. The second meal starts at least an hour or so before landing.
Entertainment There’s an 18-inch monitor installed in every seat and it has over 500+ movies, shows, music, podcasts, and more. These monitors might soon disappear in domestic fleets since AA is swapping them for more streaming content instead. Amazing Bang & Olufsen headphones are also lent to each guest. In-flight monitors measure anywhere between 15 to 16 inches and are filled with a multitude of shows and movies to watch. There’s also an interactive map. Headphones are provided but these are subpar quality.
Lavatories AA’s lavatories are clean and decent, but there’s nothing special about these compared to those of other airlines. The lavatories are kept clean and include a touchless sink with Sunday Riley toiletries.
Bed American Airlines Flagship business class seats all lie flat, measuring 81 inches in length. For more width, you can also lower the armrests. Both pillows and blankets are on the seat when you board. The beds fully recline up to 75 inches. Together with the Saks Avenue bedding, it’s one of the most comfortable beds up in the air.
Service A common complaint with AA is their inconsistent service. There are times when the crew is prompt and proactive, while on occasion, they seem indifferent to the guests. It’s great for the most part. However, there are times when service is lackluster.
Wi-Fi  You get full Wi-Fi access for the entire flight for only $35 without any data cap. However, if you need the bare minimum, the lowest plan starts at $10. There are also subscription options starting at$49.95 for a single gadget. If you have two devices, you can opt for the $59.95 plan. Getting Wi-Fi on short and long flights is straightforward. The plans start between $8 to $10. You can also avail of monthly plans starting at $49 per month or obtain a full flight pass for $23, depending on the route and aircraft.

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