10 Boys Get Raped With Coke Bottles And Steel Pipes In Sports Hazing Rituals

Nine high school athletes in Texas have been charged for reportedly sexually assaulting other students at their school in what is being called sports hazing rituals.

The nine athletes played on their school’s basketball, football, or baseball teams.

The police have yet to release the details, but one student from La Vernia High School claims to have had objects forced into his rectum.

The boy’s mother said that the students were held down and there was a look out.

The mother didn’t know anything was wrong until her son said he didn’t want to got to football practice.

boys assaulted
Image Credit: News 4 San Antonia

Once the first student stepped forward, others did too. Many parents are frustrated.

Isn’t school supposed to be a safe place? How could these things happen?

According to police, there are ten victims that have come forward, they are sophomores and freshman.

boys assaulted
Image Credit: News 4 San Antonia

Seven of the nine suspects are back at home in the custody of their parents – they are juveniles.

The other two (both adults) have been arrested and remain in custody.

It is unclear if the seven students will be allowed to return to classes at La Vernia.

boys assaulted
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The district may decide that they should attend classes at a different school – in a different district.

The superintendent said the school will implement more protocols for students.

Students need to be able to get help while being assured of their privacy.

I think better supervision is in order as well.

A group of young males (most of whom are minors) should not be left unsupervised in a locker room. Period.

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