Why Do Women Fall in Love With Married Men?


Falling in love with a married man is one of the most perplexing relationships a woman can have. It happens because married men possess specific characteristics that women find appealing. In this article, we’ll discuss why women may fall in love with married men:

  • No Strings Attached: A possible reason is that there are no expectations or commitments in this type of relationship. The woman is aware of what she is getting into and may choose to avoid a serious relationship following previous disappointment. She does not expect a traditional relationship, and her love life may not be her primary concern. Some women choose to date married men to prevent the possibility of developing a serious relationship, which is common while dating single guys.
  • Flattery from Married Men: Women enjoy getting attention, particularly from married men, because they are taking a risk by having an affair. This attention can dramatically increase a woman’s self-esteem. Women frequently appreciation compliments from married men more than those from single men because they believe married men appreciate them.
  • Idealizing Married Men: Dating may be stressful for women, especially if they have previously encountered commitment-phobic men. Married guys may appear more enticing since they have dealt with women before and understand their ideas and attitudes. Married men are more attractive than single men due to their perceived maturity.
  • Perceived Control: Married men tend to appear more established in life. They often have solid careers, own their homes, and are financially secure. Some women have a strong need to be with a man who can provide for them, therefore married men are more enticing.
  • The Forbidden Attraction: Doing something forbidden can be quite exciting, especially if there is a risk of being detected. The prospect of being together secretly creates a tremendous high. This sensation of danger increases a woman’s attraction to a married man.
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  • Parents’ Bad Marriage: If a woman witnesses her parents’ miserable marriage or divorce, she may lose trust in marriage as an institution. Women from broken homes may not consider marriage sacred, making them more open to partnerships with married men.
  • Believing Their Lies: Women who have affairs with married men frequently hear justifications such as the man’s dissatisfaction with his marriage, a lack of affection from his wife, or the assertion that only the other woman understands him. Men frequently manufacture stories to elicit sympathy and establish a bond. These reasons also help them justify the affair.
  • Seeking a Father Figure: Women with troubled connections with their fathers may be drawn to older married males. The absence of a father figure might cause psychological problems in adulthood. Such women may be drawn to men who look like their fathers, wanting dominance and affection.

Advice to Women Involved with Married Men:

Regarding someone’s marriage, think about more than simply morals. Consider your happiness and future. Women in such situations frequently idealize the man and see the world through rose-tinted glasses. Most married men are unlikely to abandon their wives, regardless of what they promise. Many women in these situations silently accept the position of mistress and suffer when the man they love goes on vacation with his family without publicly acknowledging the relationship.

Before continuing in such a relationship, consider whether you have a future with a married man. If his behavior is consistent, and he has done or will do the same with another woman, you may never find true happiness with him. Reconsider what you get out of the relationship and how much time you’re ready to devote to someone who may not actually value you.

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