This Song Will Help You Get Through Losing A Loved One & Bring Peace To Your Soul


The video of Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling singing their song “What I Know About Heaven” starts with a calm piano music. The vocalists’ vocals, lyrics, and music all exude a sense of serenity and reassurance.

Guy Penrod’s powerful voice is the first to be heard when the rest of the band enters. When Sarah Darling comes in with exquisite harmonies, the effect is genuinely “angelic.”

The song assures us that our loved ones are safe in Heaven, where there are streets paved with gold for each broken heart and wounded soul.

The grief of losing a family member or friend can be overpowering. You miss their presence in your life and believe you have no other options for filling the emptiness. A song can help you heal from your grief. It’s a nice and calming tune.

There is no reason to be ashamed of your feelings. You can keep a box of tissues nearby, but the tears will not be solely for sadness. This is a joyful song, and the singers are informing you about the great location where your loved one is now.

The film depicts a live concert performance, and you can feel the depth of the connection between the artists and the crowd. We wish we could pray for our loved ones again, but they are in a place of eternal love and life, and the lyrics ask, “Why would I want to call one away from that?”

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