The staff won’t reveal anything: Why should you avoid barcodes starting with the number 8 when buying fruit?


When buying fruit at the supermarket, we often rarely pay attention to the code, nor do we know what it means. Let’s see the meaning behind that:

The fruit has a sticker with five letters and starting with number 8, which means it is a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) product. As a simple example, a regular apple usually has the code 4130, but if it is 84130, it means that the apple is a genetically modified apple. Currently, GMOs are causing controversy and facing widespread opposition, especially from the European Union and several other Asian countries.

This fruit is known to cause a number of diseases in humans, lead to long-term infections, and increase the use of herbicides. Many studies confirm that there is no connection between the use of GMOs and health problems. Meanwhile, other studies have shown many worrying correlations such as damage to multiple internal organs and reproductive disorders. However, the risks of serious damage to health are becoming increasingly difficult to refute.

So what about codes that start with different numbers?

Most fruits and vegetables have codes with the letter s and begin with letters 3 and 4. These products are subject to change and are grown naturally and naturally sprayed sprayed with plant protection chemicals. Therefore, you should be careful to wash and dry the fruit under strong water or peel off the skin before eating or handling these fruits or foods.

If the product code on the product you are planning to buy has five letters and starts with letter 9, then what are you waiting for? It is a 100% organic product and does not contain any pesticides, plant protection products or any growth hormones. And with that, of course, comes a much higher price than similar products.

But in this industrial age with so many toxic things around, spending a little more money to invest in a healthy life is too difficult to think about. right any?

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