Tems Commands All the Attention She Deserves at the Oscars in a Stunning Cloud Dress


Tems was a masterpiece that belonged at the 2023 Oscars. The award season of this year has served as the stage for a number of experimental fashion moments that subvert the routine of regular red carpet occasions. Tems caused a stir on March 12 when she attended the Oscars Awards in a fanciful sculpture dress by Lever Couture. The “No Woman, No Cry” singer’s gown, while indisputably stunning, blocked the vision of her fellow audience members, sparking a discussion about whether the size of her attire was fair to others nearby.

The dress in issue was a part of the Leleka collection by the creator, which debuted in 2022 during Tokyo Fashion Week. Styled by Dunsin Wright, Tems’ sculptural form was made out of billowing wisps of cloth that twisted in a smoke-like pattern from her left shoulder to her right leg. The structured hood and floor-length train resembled a cloud that is blowing in the wind. She accessorized the look with matching jewelry on her wrists and hands, several diamond earrings, and heeled sandals with rhinestone embellishments by Amina Muaddi.

One of the most beautiful fashion moments of the evening, in the opinion of many, was the nebulous design. The hooded cape obstructed others’ views of the awards presentations, including those of people seated behind Tems at the ceremony.Once one woman stuck her head over the dress to have a better view of the stage, she even became viral on Twitter.

Following the social media spread of Tems’ outfit, people quickly formed opinions on whether or not the enormous gown was acceptable for the greatest movie night of the year. One person tweeted, “The woman trying to peek her head around Tems’ dress is sending me to the moon. “Tems is killing me sitting in that dress,” a another commenter added.

Several people felt that Tems’ decision to obstruct other celebrities’ views at the award event was unjust, but others insisted that the singer’s extravagant appearance deserved to be seen.”The headpiece of Tems’ dress blockingin everyone seated right behind her is giving Black women on a Sunday and I am SO here for IT,” Dr. Nicki Washington tweeted during the award ceremony. “Sis said you’ll all be okay,”

Author Bolu Babalola noted in a different tweet that Tems’ attire might be representative of something bigger. According to her, “Really it is an ironic symbol, she is occupying space as a Black woman, but the white not only depicts a femininity that BW have traditionally not had access to but also how whiteness has veiled and impeded routes of advancement, in this essay.

Tems hasn’t addressed the criticism she received after appearing at the Oscars, but it’s safe to say that most viewers think she deserves it.

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