Queen Camilla looks stunning in head-to-toe pink Just like Princess Diana did: Fans split over who wore it better.


In a stunning twist at the D-Day 80th Anniversary Commemorations, Queen Camilla appeared in an attire very similar to one of Princess Diana’s iconic looks, provoking a heated debate among royal enthusiasts.

Queen Camilla lately drew attention. She caused a fashion debate by donning an ensemble reminiscent of Princess Diana’s iconic 80s look. What occasion? D-Day’s 80th anniversary will be commemorated on June 6 in Portsmouth.

Camilla wore pink to the United Kingdom’s national event, leaving many to wonder why she chose such an unexpected color for such a solemn occasion.

The 76-year-old Queen shone remarkable in a pale pink coat dress, brown shoes, and matching hat. She was spotted standing next to King Charles and Prince William, surrounded by persons dressed in dark suits and military uniforms.

Traditionally, royal women wear black or other dark hues at military-related memorial events, but Queen Camilla appeared to have her own motives for this bold decision.

Queen Camilla’s costume choice could have been a tribute, especially given that she, King Charles, and Prince William are scheduled to visit Normandy, France, as part of their commemorations. This journey is especially significant because it will be King Charles’ first since his cancer diagnosis was publicly confirmed by the palace in February.

Camilla donned the pink suit, which included a matching Philip Treacy beret, during a state visit to France in September 2023. When she and King Charles arrived at Orly Airport for their three-day tour, they were greeted cordially by President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte.

Camilla completed her appearance with a four-strand pearl necklace with a diamond clasp, which she also wore to the D-Day commemorations.

Camilla appears to be following the lead of the late Queen Elizabeth, who often donned bright colors to stand out in crowds at huge gatherings.

Queen Camilla wasn’t the only one who embraced the event’s brilliant colors. Other important personalities, including actress Helen George and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s wife, Akshata Murty, chose to wear pink, brightening the otherwise serious occasion.

However, what drew the most attention was Camilla’s gown, which bore a striking resemblance to one Princess Diana wore in 1983 during a visit to Newcastle, Australia, with then-Prince Charles. Diana’s outfit, while similar, lacked the long pink cloak and instead featured white shoes and a bouquet.

The fashion déjà vu sparked a lively and spirited argument among admirers, who turned to Facebook to vote on which of King Charles’ wives dressed it best. People filled the comments section of a side-by-side comparison photo on Facebook, with fervent followers of both women fiercely defending their choice.

Team Camilla didn’t hold back, with one AmoMama reader proclaiming, “Camilla definitely,” meaning that the Queen outperformed Diana. Another said, “Camilla looks stunning!!!” with a flurry of heart emojis. A third admirer wrote, “Queen Camilla looks more elegant, beautiful [sic].”

Team Diana was equally outspoken and uncompromising in their support. “Definitely Diana,” exclaimed one fan, while another boldly declared, “Diana without a doubt!” A devoted fan stated, “Diana, 100%.”

Princess Diana was recognized for her love of all-pink outfits from an early age. Even after becoming a royal, she kept her personal style, particularly her preference for rose-colored clothing. Her wardrobe choices have become a distinguishing aspect of her legacy.

Interestingly, Catherine Walker created both Camilla’s and Diana’s outfits. Walker, a tall and stunning woman with a similar body type to Diana, designed several of Diana’s memorable outfits.

Following Diana’s divorce from King Charles, her fashion became even more important to her, with Walker creating gorgeous, attractive, and distinguishing clothes. Diana was buried in an all-black outfit made by Walker.

This sartorial clash not only evoked cherished memories, but also demonstrated the ongoing influence of both women’s looks, ensuring the royal fashion legacy lives on.

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