Princess Diana’s Somber Final Words Revealed By Firefighter Who Responded on Scene


In the early hours of August 31, 1997, the news of Princess Diana‘s untimely passing sh0cked the world. The beloved Princess of Wales was involved in a catastrophic car c_rash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris. Apart form Diana, her companion Dodi Fayed, and driver Henri Paul, who also pe_rished in the incident. The lone survivor was bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones. This event left a lasting scar on the global community.

The First Responders’ Account

Firefighter Xavier Gourmelon and his team were among the first responders at the scene. Gourmelon, who had never spoken publicly about the details until recently, revealed the poignant final moments of Princess Diana’s life. As the firefighters worked to extricate her from the wreckage, Gourmelon was the last person to hear Diana’s final words.

“My God, What’s Happened?“

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Gourmelon shared thatv Princess Diana’s last words were a simple yet heart-wrenching expression of confusion and fear: “My God, what’s happened?” This brief utterance encapsulated the sudden and sh0cking nature of the incident. Gourmelon described how they initially believed Diana’s injuries were not life-threatening. As she appeared to be in stable condition at the scene.

The Heroic Efforts to Save Her

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Despite her apparent initial stability, Princess Diana’s condition rapidly deteriorated. Firefighter Gourmelon and his team fought valiantly to save her life. “I massaged her heart and a few seconds later she started breathing again. It was a relief, of course, because, as a first responder, you want to save lives—and that’s what I thought I had done,” Gourmelon recounted.

The Sudden Turn for the Worse

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After being extricated from the vehicle, Princess Diana was transported to the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. Despite the medical team’s exhaustive efforts, she passed away due to her injuries a few hours later.

Remembering Princess Diana

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As the world remembers Princess Diana more than 20 years after her passing, the disclosure of her final words by Xavier Gourmelon adds a poignant layer to her story. Her legacy continues to inspire charitable work and advocacy for various causes. Ensuring that the memory of the Princess of Wales lives on in the hearts of many.

When Princess Diana’s final words were revealed, this serves as a sobering reminder of the fragility of life and the suddenness with which it can be taken away. It also highlights the bravery and dedication of first responders like Xavier Gourmelon. Who strive to save lives under the most challenging circumstances. As we continue to honor Diana’s legacy, her final moments remain a testament to her enduring impact on the world.

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