Prince Harry ‘Regret’ Writing about Kate Middleton in ‘Spare’ – He is in a “Painful place,” expert claims


Kate Middleton faced criticism following the claims in Prince Harry’s book, “Spare,” particularly about her alleged treatment of Meghan Markle prior to her wedding.

In the middle of this scrutiny, Middleton and King Charles are grappling with health issues, which could change the dynamic between them and Harry and Meghan.

However, after years of tense relations, the potential of reunion raises concerns, particularly given Prince William’s alleged apathy.

Some think that Prince Harry’s portrayal of Kate Middleton in “Spare” was unfair, especially given her current circumstances. A royal specialist now believes that Harry may be rethinking his decision in light of recent events.

Although Harry and Meghan left the royal family years ago, their links to the institution endure, as evidenced by what they said during an Oprah Winfrey interview in March 2021. Their charges against the royal family, notably involving racial concerns, spurred Buckingham Palace to make a statement acknowledging Harry and Meghan’s struggles.

The statement featured the phrase “some recollections may vary,” which one royal analyst attributed to Kate Middleton’s influence. In reaction to Harry and Meghan’s charges, the Duchess and Prince William reportedly urged for the Palace to take a harder stance.

Since leaving the royal family, Prince Harry has had few interactions with Kate Middleton, mostly at royal events like Prince Philip’s and Queen Elizabeth’s funerals.

However, these encounters have not necessarily resulted in a softening of ties, as evidenced by Kate’s apparent unease during a joint public appearance after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

The tensions between Harry, Meghan, and the rest of the royal family were heightened in the Oprah interview when Meghan claimed Kate made her weep over a disagreement about flower girl dresses. As a result, Harry’s book exposed personal text messages between Kate and Meghan, giving light on their difficult relationship.

Amidst these revelations, Kate Middleton’s latest cancer diagnosis complicates the dynamics within the royal family. As she goes through treatment and recovers, Harry and Meghan’s well wishes highlight the family’s continuous complications, despite their physical distance and divergent paths.

According to a source quoted by the Mirror, Prince Harry and Meghan reached out to assist both King Charles and the Princess of Wales after learning of their health difficulties. The Duke and Duchess shared their concerns and best wishes through various channels.

Additionally, Prince Harry and Meghan learned of Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis from the media and then contacted her to express their support.

However, the way they criticize the monarchy while presenting themselves as an alternative calls into question their legitimacy as caring people. It is urged that they be cautious about the timing of their public utterances to avoid appearing opportunistic during sensitive moments for the royal family.

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