People Surprised After Figuring Out That XXL and 2XL Aren’t The Same Size


Fashion and clothes have existed for thousands of years, undergoing several modifications. There is a wealth of knowledge regarding something that everyone uses on a daily basis, but few have given it any thought. For example, a TikTok user is blowing people’s heads by revealing that XXL and 2XL are not the same size.

Modeling the Difference

Women struggle to estimate their clothes sizes, especially when several companies have slightly varied sizes despite having the same number on the tag. However, it becomes much more perplexing when you examine how firms choose sizes and the fact that there are so many, including XXL and 2XL. While some may already be aware of this fact, @itsmakaylasmith has shocked followers by highlighting the differences between the two sizes.

Explaining the Difference

“Should I make a video explaining the difference between XXL and 2XL??” She questioned in a video modeling the same shirt but in an XXL and a 2XL. However, it’s seemingly far more complicated. Unexpectedly the XXL and 2XL shirts are different sizes, fitting her body differently. XXL is cut the same as clothing sizes between x-small and XL whereas a 2XL is wide but also longer, with longer sleeves.

Aesthetics of XXL and 2XL

Another key difference between the two sizes is the pattern. Although they may look identical, the 2XL pattern has been altered to accommodate the longer sleeves and bottom.

Followers Respond

Several followers expressed their awe at the TikTokers XXL and 2XL demonstrations.

“Wow, I’ve always wondered what the difference was; I assumed they were the same. Thank you for the heads-up.” I wrote to one individual.

Meanwhile, someone exclaimed, “WHAT.” And this is coming from someone who is plus-sized.”

Others were left with additional questions. “I didn’t realize this. What are the main differences you observe between the sizes?” I questioned one of the followers.

Encouraging XXL and 2XL Clarity

Dr Simeon Gill, a Lecturer in Fashion Technology at the University of Manchester, has previously commented on the sizing issue in fashion. Men’s apparel is labeled based on bodily measures such as waist, height, and sleeve length. “Sizing should be improved, but to do so would need to recognize population variability and requires more sizes or a fundamental change in how we provide products,” said Dr. Gill.

“There is no reason why women’s jeans should not be sized similarly to men’s jeans in terms of waist and leg length. “Most of this is about existing practices, fear of change, and lost sales.”

Other Strange Differences

Bizarre size discrepancies like XXL and 2XL aren’t the only fascinating thing about clothing. Purportedly, men’s and women’s clothing have buttons sewn on different sides, a design that made it easier for royal women to be dressed by their servants. Meanwhile, men typically dress themselves regardless of status.

Although makeup, wigs or weaves, and high heels are worn by women, they were once popular fashion choices for men. However, women weren’t allowed to wear pants in public until the mid-20th century, when they joined the workforce.

Fashionable Frustrations

Fashion has undergone many changes over thousands of years but perhaps the most frustrating is the difference between the sizes in men’s and women’s clothing, particularly when they have misleading labels like XXL and 2XL.

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