My Husband Forgot the Date of Our Anniversary for 10 Years — I Made Sure He Would Remember It Forever


We have been married for ten years, during which my husband has never once wished me a happy anniversary, saying he “can’t remember everything.” I’m sick of it! This year, I told myself that he would remember this date forever. So, once he went out, I took matters into my own hands.

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I began by decorating the house in a way he’d never forget. Red and white streamers, heart-shaped balloons, and every framed photo of us from the past ten years lined the walls. In the centre was our wedding photo, enlarged and placed right where he’d see it the moment he walked in.

I then prepared a dinner feast: his favorite dishes meticulously cooked to perfection. The house was filled with aroma of roasted chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, and fresh-baked bread. I even baked a cake, a decadent chocolate one, just like the one we had at our wedding. I wanted everything to be perfect, a stark contrast to his forgetfulness.

But that didn’t end there. I had a plan to make sure he never forgot our anniversary again. I wrote a heartfelt letter, pouring out my feelings, expressing how hurt I had been over the years, and how much this day meant to me. I attached the letter to a beautiful anniversary card and placed it on his pillow, knowing he’d find it before going to bed.

Finally, I did a bit more dramatic thing. I replaced his usual phone alarm with a recording of our wedding vows. I wanted his day to start with the reminder of the promises we made to each other.

When he came back home, his eyes widened as he took in the decorations. “What’s all this?” he asked, bewildered.

“Happy anniversary,” I said, trying to keep my voice steady.

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He scratched his head, looking genuinely confused. “Is it today? I…I’m sorry, I must have forgotten.”

I tried to hold back my frustration and led him to the dining room, where the table was set for a romantic dinner. During the dinner, I noticed his expression soften, realizing the effort I had put in.

After dinner, we talked and I shared my feelings and how much it hurt when he forgot our special day year after year. He listened, for the first time truly hearing me.

We went to bed, and he found the letter. He read it, and I saw tears glistening in his eyes. He apologized, genuinely, and promised to do better.

The next morning, his alarm rang, our wedding vows filled the room. He looked at me, stunned, as if finally understanding the depth of my feelings.

Since then, he never forgot our anniversary. Every year, he planned something special, and we celebrated together, cherishing the memories we created.

My bold move had worked. I had ensured that he would remember this date forever, not just as our anniversary, but as the turning point in our marriage.

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