Meghan Markle shed tears on television revealing the hidden side of royal life: “Not many people ask me if I’m okay or not”


On the evening of October 18, a short trailer for the documentary on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s trip to Africa was continued to be released.

This trailer, in particular, features a short, emotional interview with Meghan Markle.

Host Tom Bradby followed the couple and their baby Archie on their 10-day journey to Africa.

In the most recent trailer, Tom Bradby can be seen standing and speaking with Meghan Markle about how royal life has affected her.

When questioned about royal life, the royal bride kept her emotions under control.

Meghan Markle fought back tears saying: “Look, any woman, especially when she’s pregnant, they’re really vulnerable. It’s really difficult and when the baby being born, that multiplies.

And thank you for asking me about this, because not many people ask me whether I’m okay or not. That’s the harsh reality behind royal life family”.

Tom Bradby continued to question the royal bride about whether it could be called a struggle, and Meghan Markle said briefly, “Yes” with an emotional expression on her face.

The documentary, which will air at 9:00 p.m. on October 20, will feature more than an hour of video of the royal couple’s amazing moments and conversations while in Africa. The short interview with Meghan Markle above sparked hundreds of thousands of responses on social media, many of which mentioned the royal bride.

Instead of sympathizing with Meghan Markle, the majority of sentiments were negative, labeling her actions as fake and ridiculous. They criticized the royal bride for playing the character of a helpless miserable victim.

“You get to live in a palace, wear high-end clothing every day, and travel the world by private aircraft to record exquisite moments with impoverished people. You are truly pitiful,” one internet user commented. Meghan Markle responded sarcastically.

“No one asked if she was okay because she was getting money from the whole of England,” another individual added angrily.

“The woman with doe eyes seeks sympathy from others. She lives in a £10 million property, is married to the Queen’s nephew, and has a £2 million wardrobe; what else does she want? here again” another commentator stated.

Obviously, the online community is outraged by Meghan Markle’s latest comments, especially since she has all that many people still wish, but for the royal bride, it’s a battle with innumerable pressures, making her the victim and everyone else culpable.

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