Making Beans Racks with Net Bag Very Simple


Prepare materials

1. 300g whole green beans (should choose green, small, long and firm beans to ensure quality)
2. 2-3 mesh bags
3. Warm water
4. Clean pot


1. Prepare green beans

After buying green beans, wash them and remove floating seeds. Next, soak the beans for 8 hours in warm water, preferably overnight. After soaking, rinse thoroughly until all the yellow water is gone. Pick up the damaged beans again.

2. Put the beans in a mesh bag

Divide the beans into mesh bags and then tie the bags. Then place it in a dry pot or pot (if there is water, the beans will become waterlogged and rotten). Next, close the pot lid and keep it in a dark place. The light entering will cause the bean sprouts to sprout green, giving a bitter taste when eaten.

3. Water the bag of bean sprouts

About 10 to 12 hours later, let the beans drink water by pouring clean water into the pot or basin to cover the sprouts. Only need to do it 1-2 times a day. After giving the sprouts water, you must pour out all the water because the remaining water can easily cause the sprouts to become waterlogged.

4. Harvest

After 2 nights, the bean sprouts can be harvested. When taking the sprouts out to eat, just turn the bag upside down and shake gently and the sprouts will fall out on their own. After harvesting, the mesh bags only need to be washed with clean water and women can use them again next time.

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