How to make sweet zobo drink

How to make sweet zobo drink


1) Zobo leaves

2) Sugar(Optional)

3) Pineapples and cucumbers

4) Ginger

5) Any flavour of your choice


1) Set your big pot on fire and pour enough quantity of water.

2) Wash your zobo leaves in a cold water to remove dirt (don’t leave it in the water for long, just put it in the water and quickly use your hand to shake it and remove it from the water).

3) Pour the zobo leaves in your pot. Add your sliced pineapple, ginger, sliced cucumbers and cover it till it has boiled very well and the water has changed to a red wine colour.

4) Remove the pot from the fire and separate the zobo liquid from the leaves. put the zobo liquid aside cover it and leave it to cool.

5) After it has cooled, add your sugar and flavour in the desired quantity but don’t let the sugar and flavour to be too much in the zobo.

6) Package it in your bottles and put in it the fridge

Serve chilled 🍹

Note: You should wash and peel the back of the pineapple if you want but if you don’t want you can just wash the back very well, sliced it , and add it to the zobo like that ( it depends on how you want it).

Making of zobo for selling is very lucrative because people like it very well and some prefer It to other drinks. You may decide to start your own zobo business you can sell it together with either doughnuts, chin chin, mini cakes etc and make your money.

All you need is to learn how to do it very well and how to market it. If your zobo is sweet and tastes better than that of others it will stand out and before you know it people will begin to patronize you.
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