Former President Trump Gains Popularity in Unexpected Places


Former President Donald Trump continues to make headlines, and his recent fundraising event in Nancy Pelosi’s backyard highlights his growing popularity in unexpected regions of the country. The event, hosted by venture investors David Sacks and Chamath Palihapitiya, raised a staggering $12 million with the attendance of affluent tech industry figures.

The fundraiser, held at the Pacific Heights residence of Sacks and Palihapitiya, attracted a diverse crowd of well-known cryptocurrency investors and venture capitalists. The tickets ranged from $50,000 to $500,000, depending on the perks. The fact that such an event was hosted in the heart of liberal San Francisco speaks volumes about the former president’s appeal.

During the event, Harmeet Dhillon, a member of the Republican National Committee, mentioned that Donald Trump appeared relaxed, happy, and even cracked jokes about AI. It was evident that the former president was at ease and enjoying himself.

Sacks also expressed his gratitude to JD Vance for initiating the idea of hosting an event for President Trump. In a heartfelt speech, Sacks acknowledged Vance’s advice and encouragement, emphasizing that without him, the event would have never taken place.

In a post on X, Sacks shared a thoughtful explanation of why he is endorsing President Trump. Among the many candidates he has hosted events for in the past, Sacks believes that Trump possesses the qualities needed to address crucial issues that affect American prosperity, security, and stability. He believes that the Biden administration has veered off course in these areas and that President Trump can guide the nation back on track.

While it may surprise some, the increasing popularity of Donald Trump in traditionally blue areas showcases the extent of his appeal. This event serves as a reminder that political opinions and support can transcend party lines, and people from all walks of life can rally behind a cause that resonates with them.

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