Desperate Hope: Shelter Pit Bull Clings to Dreams Despite Failed Adoption


All dogs at shelters want a forever home, but sadly, some are repeatedly overlooked and lose hope that they will ever see their forever home.

This heartbreaking reality was depicted in a viral image of a 3-year-old shelter dog appearing completely disappointed after another failed adoption attempt. Still, amid all the despair, there’s a ray of hope for this abandoned dog.

Rocky, a 3-year-old pit bull, came into the care of Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester, in October 2022 due to awful circumstances. According to Newsweek, his family faced eviction and could not afford to provide for him. Rocky was adopted twice and underwent a few two-week trial periods, but he always returned to the shelter.

“He was most recently returned in September and has had no luck since. “He’s a fantastic dog, but he would thrive in a specific type of home that may be more difficult to find,” said communications specialist Lindsay Brewer. Rocky would thrive as the only pet in the house, based on behaviors seen at the shelter and knowledge gleaned from past adoptions and sleepovers. The shelter staff took a distressing photograph of Rocky sitting in a droopy posture, which has already gone viral. Rocky is shown hanging his head down, appearing heartbroken after yet another day of being passed over for adoption. Despite the obstacles, we are still hoping that Rocky will find his forever family soon!

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