A Woman Came to My House with A Baby, Revealing His Infidelity


My common-law husband and I, 40f and 41m, have been together for ten years, and I consider those years to be quite loving and wonderful, but obviously not for him, as he has a side piece.

I produce furniture and earn roughly €1 million a year. My husband is a schoolteacher. It goes without saying that I provide for all of us. I don’t ask him what he does with his money. We live far below our means because we are both minimalists, but we have a large home, beautiful automobiles, and a lot of art. Everything is mine, though.

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Apparently, he met his side piece (f25) on false pretenses and told her that we were legally married, therefore he possessed half of my company and everything I owned. When she became pregnant, he began spending his salary on her (I was not concerned because I had no idea what he did with his money). He is currently on vacation in Dubai, and her apartment lease has expired, so she just showed up at my door with her daughter.

She told me she was his girlfriend and that he was getting a divorce, so she might as well live in his house and I could live in a hotel because I could afford it. She didn’t have any money or home. She literally refused to step out, so I called the police and locked myself in the greenhouse.

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When the police came, she was literally unpacking the child’s clothes in the living area. They escorted her out. I was very shaken. Later I found out all the details I included above.

My husband’s mother thought I was a jerk for kicking a small infant out on the street. That was her only grandson. I used my money and power to dominate everything around me.

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But, honestly, teachers make $60,000 per year, therefore, as I discovered later, he paid her his income. I can’t understand why she’s homeless and destitute. When she arrived at my house, she was carrying large designer bags, a designer stroller, and Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. So now I’m a jerk?

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